Welcome to my blog…

To begin with, I don’t think it’s necessary for anybody to know who I am. To read me is to know me, but just to obey some people’s thirst, here goes….


Maha Noor Elahi

Date of Birth:




Marital Status:

Married – 3 children


Master’s degree in English Literature – Drama


English Language Lecturer at Dar Al-Hekma College, Jeddah

Freelance  translator, script writer & editor 


reading – writing in English & Arabic – music – fine art – cooking – sports


To all the struggling and intellectual Saudi women,

You gave me the strength and the vision that I needed.

To all women in the world,

An average Saudi woman is a being who






And has all the paradoxes in the world within her heart;

A Saudi woman is simply just a regular woman even though she wears a veil!

  1. Shada says:

    “Married – 3 children”
    that’s not fair I’m the fourth 😛
    May Allah bless you dear..

  2. Chiara says:

    Maha–I am pleased to have discovered your blog, and very much appreciate your intelligent and insightful comments on other blogs. You have an excellent mastery of both Saudi and Western culture that makes your articulate contributions welcome additions to the dialogues.

    I look forward to more of your postings here, and to your comments elsewhere, including on Tara Umm Omar’s blog “Future Husbands and Wives of Saudis: Helping You Make an Informed Decision About Marrying a Saudi” where I am a regular contributor, if any of the topics strike your interest.

    All the best, Chiara (a fellow English Lit specialist–more theory, poetry, and novels but some drama)

  3. مها نور إلهي says:

    You are still my daughter..will always be..so don’t worry 🙂
    thanks sweetie

  4. مها نور إلهي says:

    I am so glad and honored that you like my blog..
    and I will surly visit Tara Umm Omar’s blog because I am very interested in raising awareness about marriage and relations in Saudi Arabia…

    Glad we share the same interests..

    Thank you so much for your visit!

  5. irisheyesksa says:

    I have very much enjoyed reading your posts. I intend to stop by regularly.

  6. Chiara says:

    Maha–thank you for your kind words, and I do hope you will visit and share your knowledge, wisdom, and experience with Tara’s readers. I look forward to your comments there, and your new posts here. All the best.

  7. مها نور إلهي says:

    I am very pleased to have you…hope to see you soon in my blog…

  8. مها نور إلهي says:

    I will definitely be a regular visitor there
    thanks s lot for the invitation

    • Chiara says:

      Maha–you are welcome and I am enjoying and benefitting from your comments there as well as following your blog here. I look forward to sharing ideas in these ways.

  9. Hanan says:

    mashalla.. loved your blog

  10. مها نور إلهي says:

    Welcome to my blog, Hanan and thank you.

  11. Usman says:


    Wonderful blog you are having. Loved It!

  12. moshahidah says:

    salam ;

    ya maha , i love your blog .. your writing style and your mind ..

    i have commented at your arabic blog more than once ..
    today .. i have send you an facebook friendship request . coz it will be great to have you i my daily feedback ..

    i hope you accept my friendship , however , i will understand if you keep your facebook account for your family and friend from real life ..


    eiman idris

    note : this is the first time to use my real name in blogs .. your post about identity made me think ..what am i afread of !

  13. Nice to see your blog. Keep it up good work.

  14. Wedad Al-lahji says:

    Maha, i am an old fan of your views and writings. I am soooo happy that i found you again, thank’s for facebook. I wish that you still remember me, I am Mrs.Wed from Thakafa forum.

    P.S. You are an inspiration, thanks for being so and keep on.

  15. Hi I would really like to contact you, could you pls email me a number and then I can explain more

  16. Rachel Wood says:

    Hello Maha,

    I feel very lucky to have found your blog, I have found it very insightful and eye opening. I am a student from England currently studying Fashion Business. I am undertaking a research project titled ‘The Exploration of the Lingerie Market in Western and Middle Eastern Societies and Cultures’, I was wondering if there is any chance you would be able to answer a few simple questions for me?
    Please keep up the great blogging!

    Many Thanks,

  17. Maha Adnan says:

    Dear Maha,

    My name is Maha Adnan 🙂 I am the PR Mnager for Pampers AP.
    I have went through your blog and I am impressed with the level of proficiency we are reaching as Saudi woman bloggers. I still remember how we started and to be honest, we came a long way in such a short period of time.

    I am actually contacting you regarding the Pampers UNICEF campaign “1 Pack = 1 Life Saving Vaccine” which we have launchedback in February. The campaign is a global partnership between Pampers and UNICEF to help eliminate Maternal & Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) around the globe. MNT is an easily preventable disease, yet it is estimated that every 9 minutes one baby needlessly dies of MNT.

    This partnership started back in 2006 and since, with the support of people, the Pampers® -UNICEF campaign travelled to 21 countries, helping to protect 100 million women and their babies from MNT.
    100 million women have the opportunity to enjoy motherhood, just as you do, thanks to a life-saving MNT vaccine.

    With the continued support of people, you will help us reach our 2011 Global target of helping 170 million women and their babies in 40 countries where MNT is still a killer disease. These women live in the hardest to reach areas of the world’s poorest countries.

    Maha, we also have a local target. This year we have commited to raise five million (5,000,000) vaccines for Yemen. for each Pampers®-UNICEF pack purchased across the GCC, Pampers® will donate to UNICEF the cost of one tetanus vaccine to help protect a woman of child-bearing age in Yemen.

    I have visited Yemen myself back in October 2010 to see the situation myself and they really need our help. I would really love your support in posting about this campaign. I will be more than happy to share with you all the material I have on the campaign (Press Release, Edit, pictures, logo) and I would be glad to answer any queries you may have.

    My email: adnan.m@pg.com
    Mobile: 0536003305

    You may check our URL: http://www.pampersarabia.com/en_AP/UNICEF

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Kindest Regards,
    Maha Adnan

  18. Mairaj Hasan says:


    MashAllah very expressive blog! Amazing to know that you have an Indian Heritage, I found that very interesting since I’m Indian. I also have some friends who claim Saudi lineage. Very interesting !!

  19. imran says:

    Assalam ‘alaikum,

    I would like to ask you a question. I read somewhere in the internet that the Saudi government allowed American troops in Makkah and Madinah. I believe that this is not true. Could you confirm this? In which areas of Saudi Arabia were the American troops allowed to go into previously? Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    Imran Ahmad,
    Adelaide, Australia

    • aseft says:

      walykum salam imran

      bro NO they have not let those forces in to makkah and madina .. they stay away form those places they have their own areas like contonment areas ..and that are isolated form norman life ..

  20. aseft says:

    i was wonderinf if there is any email id of noor elahi on which we can contact her ,… well noor its wonderful to hear from the saudi females ..the world thinks muslsim suppress women and they have least of ideas that women llive normal life in arab countries too .. i heard a lot about saudi and now i am in saudi and i seen few saudis … they are just HUMAN like any others .. are there any marriage bureaus in saudi … how are you angles (children ) noor

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  22. Laylah says:

    Hi Maha!
    Just stopping by your blog again and wanted to say I really enjoy reading your posts 🙂
    Very brave of you for writing under your real name!

  23. aseft says:

    Happy independence day saudis!!!<3

  24. abdullah says:

    i like your blog your posts your ambition the way you think amay allah bless you and your family

  25. […] and voices – through social media, commentaries, blogs (e.g. saudiwoman’s weblog or a saudi woman’s voice). Marching over to the local electoral station (I wouldn’t be surprised to see separate […]

  26. Malak says:

    Great blog! Since you have the insights. I was wondering if you knew of anybody willing to talk about their experiences with polygamy?? Could really use the help.

    • Maha Noor Elahi says:

      Thanks a lot, Malak.
      Regarding your request, I’m afraid I do not know any one who is living in a polygamous marriage.

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