The Truth About Saudi Girls

This is a new addition to my blog. It focuses on talented Saudi girls and their achievements.

Those girls are “real” Saudi girls…they are NOT media-polished or media-created!

They represent the “real” image of Saudi girls, which the traditional, international and Saudi media usually overlooks or manipulates!

With the freedom and open choices I have in the world of the New Media, I try to represent the truth without sugar-coating and without any alteration.

All the girls that I will interview on my blog are girls that I whole-heartedly believe in! They are NOT fake or media-made girls to make my blog sell! They are simple ordinary Saudi girls with great dreams and potentials!

All the interviews will be conducted because I wanted to do so; NOT because of “wasta” or the family names of those girls. They are girls from the heart of Jeddah’s society.

My standards are based on portraying the positive reality in my society.  These series of interviews aim at empowering young women in my country.

Stay tuned…and be ready to read nothing but the truth about Saudi girls!


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  2. hi 🙂 peace to everyone 🙂 i am or was engaged to a saudi girl . i love her so much 🙂 shes the best thing ever and forever 🙂 although we had to break up cus she is afraid to tell anyone about me. Ive done alot of reading and then alot more reading lol but still am unusre as to what really happens in your culture lol i dont want to be ignorant or believe in misonceptions but how im wondering if anyone can tell me how afraid should she be ? shes almost 24, im 29, she and her family have lived in the us before, she has studied in america before(thats how we met) she currently works in Riyadh at t hospital etc etc. Im wondering how prevalent are honor killings, i mean its not like weve had any type of relationship other than hangin out for a week and then we we spent 2 years on the internet getting to know eachother aand we really fell in love. Is there anything she or i can do ?

    • Soomy says:

      what are you waiting for??? you got and get a serious relationship with her, why she is afraid? I’m Saudi girl and going to get married with this lovely guy I met at the USA ❤ we don't have honor killings much, and since her family went to usa before I don't think it's a problem if she told them about you? you try to know what makes her afraid? family? is not a problem you are serious with her, they will welcome you. I mean if you REALY LOVE HER JUST GO FOR IT yolo! good luck ❤

  3. Randall from the usa says:

    also she is not from a tribal family. i dont know if that helps lol

    • J says:

      Well really, you should get her to ask her parents, they should do nothing more than disagree if they disagree, she can try to persuade them. I really, REALLY doubt they;d honor kill her, considering she’s working in medicine and therefore the education in America must of cost a fair amount of money and to allow her to study there her parents must be a bit more liberal so I think you have good luck here, I know this is a late reply and I’m sure what ever happened has happened, actually, I’d like to know, what has happened ?

  4. G says:

    I just wanted to say HEYYY!

  5. G says:

    How do I think means the way my brain is functioning !! :O

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