Posted: August 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

In the heart of the frosty land
As spring was thriving to take its stand,
There, at the tranquil city of Göteborg,
In a melodic solitude by the Göta Canal,
Anonymously wandered I.
In a walk not set nor planned
Buoyantly unaccompanied;
No one but nature & I.
Allured I was by the naked trees
Boasting their nude branches reaching sublime
Philandering with the azure blue skies.
I walked airing an ecstatic chime
Shivering as the crisp wind passed by,
Yet feeling divinely warm from the inside.
Perhaps at forty three,
There’s nothing that can blow one’s mind
Like a silent talk with nature’s moody sighs.
Perhaps there’s nothing at forty three
That can be as animating as a solitary embrace
That unswervingly connects you to God’s grace.
Nothing as emancipating as listening to the trees
As they tempt you to read between their lines
Untold stories hidden beneath the booming pines.
It’s the enthralling luxury of being lost
Of having the ability to take a path
And then changing it at the same instant
Without worrying about that vile clock
Or about what that switch might cost.
A liberating care-free walk it was indeed
Away from Capitalism’s straining slavery
I was simply breaking free
Breathing the entity of my being
In my long-sought solo stray
Cuddled by the morning breeze
Delving deep in the human in me!

Göteborg, Sweden
March 27, 2014





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