Kaleidoscope; Theater in Jeddah!

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last year was very busy and exciting for me! I have achieved one of my dreams; a dream that has nothing to do with my career as a teacher, rather it is about my passion! The stage..the theatre…acting….performing…singing…a stage program that presents drama arts! As the Drama Club Advisor at Dar Al-Hekma College, I’ve always kept the club’s activities short and simple due to the tight schedule that the students and I have during the college day. Established in 2007, the DAH Drama Club has presented a few memorable comedy skits, concerning social and college-life related issues such as Vote for the Man of Your Dreams, So You Think You’re a Student, Pretty Smelly, Smoking Beauty, and an unsuccessful attempt to perform Pygmalion. Time in college doesn’t allow much for long hours of training…everybody is running! I convinced myself to be happy with the short simple performances that the club has done, yet deep in my heart I wanted more; something to display the beauty, talent, and humor of Saudi girls! Something entertaining with a pinch of sarcasm; all in one!

And so it happened! I was privileged to meet an enthusiastic group of students at Dar Al-Hekma College. With the cooperation of this super team of girls, who undertook the full responsibility of managing the club from paper work to fashion design and stage setting, I could focus on writing scripts, coming up with new ideas and training the actresses during rehearsals. The idea started in July 2012 with an Arabic short play as the team, Obour, suggested, but later it developed into a whole stage program!

Kaleidoscope, which took place on December 1st in 2012, is a theatre program that I have prepared for, in cooperation with Obour stage management team and the Music Club under the supervision of my lovely Canadian colleague, Ms. Julie Prior, as part of the Drama Club activities last semester.

The program included 9 performances that represent the different colors of drama arts. It includes music, dancing, monologues, sketches, stand-up comedy, and flash drama in Arabic called


But Kaleidoscope represents a further meaning as well. It’s a celebration of girls and women of all colors, sizes and shapes! It’s a

tribute from the Drama & Music Club to the outstanding Dar Al-Hekma women who work very hard, non-stop!

Kaleidoscope Announcement

The program of Kaleidoscope started with a piano performance of Lean on Me by the sweet Ms. Julie Prior, accompanied by the Music Club members. After that, there was the Feminist Monologue; Josephine de Beauharnais, performed by the exquisite Sawsan Al-Aidarous, and followed by the amusing mimicking scene of Sherlock Holmes performed by the amazing Mariam Al-Dabbag and Nada Asr….oh yes…let me not forget to tell you how I loved Mariam and Nada’s British accent…superb!

Of course, a theatre event can’t be really entertaining without some dancing; hence, there was the dazzling Mambo performance, choreographed by the wonderful Majdoleen Yamani and myself. The performers were Sheikha Khayyat, Wejdan Bahadi, Rana Bajandooh, Reem Al-Jahdali, and our Italian guy in disguise, Mai Alem! The girls really rocked the stage!

And certainly, after a sassy dance, there should be some comedy. Leen Idrees exceeded all expectations by her performance of The Indonesian Maid; a message sent to women from their maid in a light satirical manner followed by another capturing piano performance of A Thousand Miles by Julie Prior and the Music Club. Two monologues followed; one of Cleopatra performed by myself and the other one (in Arabic) of Andalusian Princess Wallada Bent Al-Mustakfi performed by the gorgeous Kenza Chater.

Last, there was the major performance of the event, flash drama; Hashtazia, written by me in Arabic. Hashtazia is derived from the famous story of Snow-white, but with a magical Saudi twist! The major characters were performed by a few of very talented college students; Reham Majdali, Yasmeen Jamal, Nora Al-Amoudi, Noujoud BaAboud, Nour Yaslem, Tala Al-Turki, Jawaher Zahran, and a few other amazing girls!

DAH stage

Although the time of the show was not suitable for many people, due to the unavailability of the stage, the show was a success, and people got out having great positive energy. The most comment that I heard frequently was “Very impressive!” We do have talents waiting to emerge and shine! However, it is just the beginning! More to come…I hope!


Tomorrow I will post the two monologues in English, so stay tuned! 🙂

  1. interesting ! For me, I believe the highest point in my life I reach while in love and in a theater !

    Good luck to you and to your team xoxox

  2. Julie says:

    Wonderful, Maha! Thanks for sharing! It was such a fun time preparing for and performing at the event! 🙂

  3. I remember this awesome event. Thanks for writing and refreshing my memory. I enjoyed reading 🙂 You have a lovely blog.

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