Glass Paradise

Posted: May 26, 2013 in My Poems

As she escaped from the hell of tides,

She espied a haven waving warm arms,

Leading her to safely get inside
A paradise of peace and charm.

Helplessly…thoughtlessly…she entered.
In spite of her fear and despair,
She felt the pleasure of finding a shelter
Believing that, at last, the world is fair.

There…love and tenderness she found.
Healing, caressing, and…surrounding.
Turning into a pile of wild bounds…
Caring, yet tightly squeezing.

What a loss to encounter such a discovery.
Her new world is a glass paradise
Where hearts are stuffed with slashes of ivory
And bodies are pinched by suffocated ties!

Standing on the ground of life…aimless,
She could only reach one conclusion;
Any definition of hell or heaven is pointless
For the truth on earth is a real illusion.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Palace of Ice by Jean Paul Avisse

Palace of Ice by Jean Paul Avisse

  1. Sounds like the life and death of Rizana Nafeek. May Allah grant her jannat, and my Allah curse those who wanted her dead.

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