Poems of Rage!

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized


A resurrecting assassin you are!!

A vulnerable shell

You have attacked;

You have revived!

No weapon was needed…

Just a being who understands!

But tell me, love…

Why step forward

When you know

That you will withdraw?

Why invade the shell?

Why evolve its charm,

Its wildness, and its hell,

And then recall

What’s right and wrong?

Why open your heart,

Reveal your masks,

And then repent,

Or actually, pretend

To be someone else?

How can you elude

After assassinating a dull life,

And resurrecting a dead mind?

How can you escape from such a crime?

I just wonder…

Will you ever be able to obliterate the stains?

Will you ever be able to overcome your chains?



Too many roles you perform…

None of them fits your lost soul!

But the last one was the worst of all!

For after being the thief,

You’ve transformed

Into a rigid priest,

An illegitimate judge

That blames and condemns,

And looks from above

At the victim

With the eye of contempt!

In your unjust court of love,

You sentenced me

To an everlasting confusion!

Guilty, guilty, guilty as charged!

For committing love!

For burning from within!


January 12th, 2006








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