The Truth About Saudi Girls

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is a new addition to my blog. It focuses on talented Saudi girls and their achievements.

Those girls are “real” Saudi girls…they are NOT media-polished or media-created!

They represent the “real” image of Saudi girls, which the traditional, international and Saudi media usually overlooks or manipulates!

With the freedom and open choices I have in the world of the New Media, I try to represent the truth without sugar-coating and without any alteration.

All the girls that I will interview on my blog are girls that I whole-heartedly believe in! They are NOT fake or media-made girls to make my blog sell! They are simple ordinary Saudi girls with great dreams and potentials!

All the interviews will be conducted because I wanted to do so; NOT because of “wasta” or the family names of those girls. They are girls from the heart of Jeddah’s society.

My standards are based on portraying the positive reality in my society.  These series of interviews aim at empowering young women in my country.

Stay tuned…and be ready to read nothing but the truth about Saudi girls!


  1. Om Lujain says:

    This is a great idea, I think many people hear from a small LOUD minority. It will be nice for the world to hear from the girl next door type!

  2. Maha Noor Elahi says:

    Thanks Om Lujain! Glad you liked the idea 🙂

  3. Cool I’m really looking forward to reading the interviews. I’m always willing to learn…about any culture in general and the Saudi culture in particular. Learning fosters understanding. Way to go Maha!

  4. samarworld says:

    Mashallah , I am so excited to read your interviews. Good job.

  5. randy says:

    can someone please tell me how my i can marry my saudi fiancee ? i love her so much ! is there anyone i can talk to and is it safe to talk to her family ? she is scared of beink killed ? is that really that common ? i would like to think that hoor killings are not widespread and hopefully s fsding idea in their ever changing country. i love her so much i will do anything to be with her. please help.

  6. randy says:

    please email me if you have any ideas 🙂 @

  7. Khaled says:

    Saudi Arabia should follow and learn from the west.
    Yeah, we need to make saudi arabia like Dubai, We need sluts, prostitutes, hookers, clubs and bars…. A good glass of vodka with russian girls in Riyadh would be the right way …..

    Imagine saudi topless women sitting in deserts like in France or UK… We need nudist area inside saudi arabia.

    Saudi Women rise up for your freedom. there is nothing wrong with walking topless, when the parliaments of UK, Canada and many european countries have approved it, you should fight for your rights……

    Fight for your nightclubs, fight of rum,vodka, discotheques etc. etc..

    Fight for womanizers like Jamal Khashoggi and make him Interior Minister…

    March towards FREEDOM.

  8. James Pallet says:

    I think your comments are a bit extreem Khaled, but certainly women should have a decision in their rights to be equak.

  9. James Pallet says:

    I meant equal

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