A Letter From Nowhere

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dear Humanity,
     I am sure that you feel lonely because you have nothing in common with others and no body cares about you, so I thought of talking to you about something almost every one has chosen to ignore. I am sure you don’t mind if I speak about Palestine (unless, of course, it is prohibited by the United Nations).
I am not going to talk about the hundreds of people who are killed everyday with the utmost brutality that can be imagined. I am not going to talk about hundreds or maybe millions of children who lose their fathers or about the people who lose their homes everyday. I think these matters have become daily and ordinary scenes witnessed by every body in the world. Hence, I am only going to talk about human beings and civilization.

     We all know that we are living in a golden age; probably the most advanced age since the rise of creation, but do we know who we are? Do we really know ourselves? I assure you that the majority does not, especially those who think they do. If I asked any one “Do you consider yourself a civilized human being?”, he/she will probably say that this is a ridiculous question because the answer is quite obvious for no body these days is considered uncivilized. Unfortunately, we are all civilized and well polished but from the outside only. We all don’t know ourselves truly. We all think that since we have made a great technological progress, we can call ourselves civilized, but we are really not. Is it possible that such a high mentally developed age witnesses such disgusting brutality, and injustice?! Is it possible that high cultured and educated men have several meetings each year and cannot come up with a solution for the Palestinian Issue? Is it possible that the civilized world that proclaims for peace cannot provide a small country with the least and simplest sense of civilization? There is NO CIVILIZATION without peace and there is NO PEACE without civilization. This should be the ABC of any civilized life! This is the alphabet that probably no civilized and educated man has ever learned.      Now, does anyone still consider themself civilized? Can anyone consider themslef a human being? Have we really achieved the concept of humanity and fulfilled its meaning? It is a shame that we humans cannot afford our brothers and sisters their simplest rights. It is a pity that we live in prosperity and comfort while others do not. It is disgraceful that, in spite of all this, we consider ourselves human beings. Is it of humanity that some people enjoy the sunshine of wealth while others drawn in deserts of famines and poverty? Such a condition is dishonorable enough, but I think it is even more ignominious to still insist on calling ourselves humans. It is better for us to stop uttering lies and giving ourselves noble names that are not fit for us. Let us not add another vice to ourselves. For humanity’s sake, let us stop saying that we are humans because we are really not.

                                       Sincerely yours, 
                                            A human who existed a long time ago



I wrote this in 1991, but it seems as if I’ve written it today. nothing has really changed 😦



  1. Mai says:

    You are right; nothing has changed. Qadr Allah, ma shaa fa’al.

  2. Assalaamu aleykum,

    This is a very touching and true letter that you wrote. I agree with you, and me too I can’t understand how the world can be so blind to so much suffering. It really pains my heart to think about it. I pray that the Palestinians will truly have their independent and peaceful state soon, and that they don’t have to experience so much suffering and injustice anymore.

  3. Almaha says:

    You rarely find those who love for others what they love for themselves because most people have selfish hearts.
    We’re leaving our palestinian brothers to die like Yusuf peace be upon him was left to die by his brothers. You see, nothing has improved in man’s moral life . Most still fail to rise from animal to human.

    • Maha Noor Elahi says:

      Yes I totally agree with you…raising to the level of being real human beings is not easy, but it is worth the effort…it is what makes us alive.
      Thank you

  4. ADNISA says:

    It is interesting to see you still kept the letter from 1991. Letter to humanity. Very creative. Clearly, nothing has changed.

  5. Ahmad Sabri says:

    its a beautiful thing that u wrote this in 1991. Because the world didnt change, and you didnt either! I congratulate you for that. The bad things wont stop happening, the good people should do just that.

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