Smart Guys: Beware!

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

He’s interested in books. She’s interested in good looks!

He’s intelligent and sophisticated. She’s superficial and limited.

He thinks out of the box. She thinks inside the closet.

He has a cause to live for. She has a cause to brag about.

These two different beings are often seen together as a couple!

Is it a matter of opposites’ attraction, or is it a life-long game planned by men?

Why do smart, intelligent men fall for air-headed girls? A simple question that might have an immediate male answer that states: “Well because they’re pretty! Air-heads are always attractive.”

Wait a minute, guys! Come on! Are all air-headed girls beautiful? I’ve seen some who are totally unattractive and very demanding, so let’s exclude the physical attraction excuse. Ok?

Why does this really happen? “Why do brilliant, intelligent guys fall for dumb girls?” That’s a question I’ve been wondering about for the last one million minutes of my life. Many have asked me the same question as well hoping that my so-called wisdom would lead them to a satisfying answer. Through my quest for a thirst-quenching explanation to this phenomena _so to speak_ I came across some interesting (yet not diverse) analyses. One sensible well-educated lady said: “Men are hunters, who like to have a variable range of preys, and the air-head is definitely one of their favorite types.” The majority gave a simple, immediate womanly rationalization: “It makes them feel better! Air-heads make men look smarter!” That last explanation is true to some extent, especially about men who lack self-confidence. However, most men deny it aggressively or innocently (depending on the person who asks them).

Yet what I consider an enlightening reply was one by a creative thinker who said: “Smart men are attracted to simple women because they “think” they can manipulate them easily!

Eureka! That’s the heart of my query.

Airheads seem easy to control, to deceive, and to please. But this relief that men feel when they decide on getting involved with an airhead is just a false one. A word of wisdom from the world of women; guys, there is no stupid woman! There is just a girl who knows how to get her man; a girl who makes her man feel superior while she takes whatever she wants. There are many girls who care about nothing serious in life, but when it comes to their men, they turn (instinctively) into vicious creatures, who put their victims _men_ under their thumbs. So, guys, always remember: the shallowest and simplest of women can rule her man; it’s just a matter of being aware about who is the boss. You’ll will be managed and led by a woman, so she’s either going to be a dull, demanding, and controlling boss or an interesting, bright, and creative one. Just set aside your chauvinistic prejudices and consider Helen Rowland’s saying every time you see an airhead: “It takes one woman twenty years to make a man of her son — and another woman twenty minutes to make a fool of him.”

  1. Almaha says:

    I think only an insecure man would want to marry a stupid girl whom he can control and manipulate easily. But underestimating the power of a woman is not smart because many girls like to play dumb in order to achieve whatever goals they have .

  2. مها نور إلهي says:

    Yes I agree with you, Almaha…and guess what..many guys are really insecure more than you can imagine 🙂

    Thank you so much for your comment

  3. ADNISA says:

    The scenario mentioned in this post does not happen in Saudi Arabia. No such cases have been known or reported. Many saudi men and arab men in general like to marry beautiful women even if those women are poor in other important areas such as religion, character, intelligence or values. They have a special preference for the western white women. This is so commen in Kuwait, that the government pays men money if they marry local women rather than foreign ones.

    This is also the cause for corruption in Saudi Arabia. Many liberal saudi men married american or lebanese beautiful women and ended up having kids with no religious or moral values.

    As for saudi men being intelligent, all the foreign workers who lived here agree that that is next to impossible.

    It is not only the men who are corrupt. Women are just as corrupt and arrogant under the veil. According to a survey done several years ago, more than 60% women want to marry rich men. For many, money is the only criteria that matters. It allows them to maintain their luxurious materialistic lifestyle.

    I recently learned that infidelity is also happening in Saudi Arabia. It could happen because it is hard to love the man you married just for money. They have boyfriends on the side because divorce gives a bad name.

    This post would be more relevant for other nations where men are smart and get to meet women everyday which allows them to select the dumb ones.

  4. pserean says:

    I remember reading this years back:
    ‘A man chases a woman until she decides to catch him.”

    That pretty much sums it up, I should think:)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    I have read a big portion of your blog, or so I believe, and would like to ask for permission to put a link of it on mine…

    may Allah reward you, guide you and guide with you

  6. Ibrahim.H says:

    How would you define insecure men? Since the majority are insecure!

    • Khab6a says:

      I would guess that all men are insecure in a way or another. Some are afraid to pursue their dreams and succeed cause they don’t believe in themselves. Others might be insecure of getting no control of how things are going in their life.
      The trick here is to act confident and be who you’re supposed to be a ” MAN”

  7. escortdiary says:

    Great post!

  8. Observer says:

    I actually Appreciate Dominant Women. Nothing like being a Woman’s puppy.

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