Posted: March 19, 2010 in Favorite Songs

ABBA is my favorite group. They are the BEST! I grew up with their songs.

I know I am so old-fashioned, but can’t help it ๐Ÿ™‚

It just surprises me how women’s appearance has changed since then ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Y Q says:

    lol at one side this blog speaks of Islam and here we have promotion of extremely Haram stuff…

    avoid such things please..

  2. ู…ู‡ุง ู†ูˆุฑ ุฅู„ู‡ูŠ says:

    Dear Y Q
    These things exist in our world, don’t they?

    This blog doesn’t speak of Islam as separate from the real world…it speaks of life with all the mixtures that it has… it speaks of me… I am a Muslim woman who wears niqab and listens to songs and enjoys life. I am not a scholar nor am I a “da’eya”… I believe it is
    my job to explain my religion to those who ask as much as I know because if i know something and hide it, I am considered to be a sinner in Islam.

    My blog is not an anti-American or anti-Western…I have learned from the West as much as I have learned from the East…this is how a good Muslim should to all cultures and a seeker of the good in all cultures ..

    I go strongly for the moderate Islamic views that are explained by many moderate and notable Muslim scholars from all over the Islamic world.

    I represent many good Muslim women who wear hijab, work, love, and hate. Besides, I’ve read so many fatwas and opinions on songs and here are the ones I believe in:
    Sheikh Mohammad Al-Sharawi:
    Singing is like poetry…the song that has good and touching words in it is good like a poem that speaks of good things. The song that has words that call for vice is bad.
    Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him admired a romantic poem by Zuhair Bin Kaab, which says:
    Soaad has appeared today, so my heart has been captured (sorry..bad translation I know) ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ali Bin Abi Taleb said something that means have fun from time to time, for if hearts get bored, they get tired of worshipping Allah.

    Sheikh Mohammad Al-Ghazali said singing refines the soul and he used to say frequently that he likes the songs of the Lebanese singer Fairouz.

    I am following the opinion of two of the greatest Muslim scholars in the twentieth century … scholars who have devoted their lives to Allah ..they have actually set the school of moderate Islam for many scholars to follow suit.
    And I am sorry… I don’t believe in any Saudi scholar who is confined ONLY to Ibn Hambal (may Allah bless his soul)
    Muslims should take the easiest fatwa that they find according to Prophet Mohammad’s teachings. If some take the toughest fatwa, may Allah give them greater reward, but they can’t enforce this strength on all Muslims.
    By the way, people who love songs are usually sensitive and are touched more by Quraan and have beautiful voices when reciting Quraan.

    Of course, listening to music 24/24 is not a healthy thing at all, nor it is of religion, but listening to music from time to time is not bad. Anyone who has a mission in life and anyone who has responsibilities doesn’t listen to music and doesn’t dance all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. coralbead says:

    Your first commenter is perhaps of the fundamentalist persuasion. If someone chooses to be strict on himself or herself when it comes to some things, then good! But, people aren’t all made of the same stuff, and so one cannot force everyone to think and act like him. Even the Blessed Prophet was like that. He led by example, but he didn’t ever force anyone to do as he did, if ever they did the same as he did, it was of their own accord.

    I propose that, for posts like these, disable comments so you won’t have to contend with such readers!

    • ู…ู‡ุง ู†ูˆุฑ ุฅู„ู‡ูŠ says:

      Thank you for your comment…I don’t think I have the right to label Y Q or anyone as fundamentalists or anything else…
      Perhaps, I don’t agree with him, but I respect his view, which is followed by so many Muslims…I call myself a moderate Muslim….many muslims find it so hard to be moderate…
      As for disabling comments…are you serious? What’s the point in having a blog if i am going to disable the comments that I don’t agree with…I am so much for freedom of speech…people can like or dislike what i’s their choice..and it’s my choice too to get used to all different opinions…

      thank you so much for your comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Y Q says:


    if i had said what “coralbead” has said, i would have been promoting my extremist ideas on the world, enemy of freedom of speech, narrow minded person who shouldve been in Iraq or Afghanistan so they the americans could bomb me, etc etc…

    but since its coming from the opposite side who supports “moderate” Islam it is all good.. i wonder if you people who call others “biased” or “extremists” ever thought of looking into yourselves..

    maha i totally disagree with what you have said =).

    • ู…ู‡ุง ู†ูˆุฑ ุฅู„ู‡ูŠ says:

      Y Q
      You are more than welcome to disagree with me…Great scholars disagree with each other…it’s very healthy ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank you

  5. coralbead says:

    YQ: Is that for me?

    As much as possible, right, we shouldn’t label people or things…I didn’t call anyone a fundamentalist OUTRIGHT, did I?

  6. saudimajix says:

    love these songs ^.^

    my mom like music, but not into much what I hear but when ABBA is playing she goes like” rise the volume please”

    good days, great memories ^.^

    great post.

  7. zinnia says:

    “i have a dream” is one of my fave songs from ABBA, i can’t say anything more for ABBA…i love their songs since i was 15

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