Because You Understand

Posted: December 9, 2009 in My Poems

When I am gloomy and sad,
And try to hide my feelings from you,
You patiently understand
No matter how silly I treat you.

You embrace my withdrawing self,
You teach me how to overcome my defects and debilities,
And decipher my mysterious self,
Because you’re the only one who’s aware of my abilities.

You comprehend the feelings that I can’t reveal.
My inner powers, you help me discover,
With my weary heart, you know how to deal,
Because you’re not just an ordinary lover.

When I am not sure where I stand,
On you, I know I can always lean and depend,
As you compassionately understand,
You’re not just my husband; you’re my best friend.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

  1. Ahmed says:

    Hi Maha

    I came across your blog by chance, but I am so glad chance brought me here.
    Your words are a breath of fresh air…
    An absolutely awesome blog.



  2. مها نور إلهي says:

    Thank you Ahmed for your sweet and encouraging words.
    Hope to see you commenitng on my otehr posts.

    • Ahmed says:

      If you have a book signing when your biography/book is published I will be on the first plane to Jeddah to purchase my signed copy.
      I’m sure all copies of your book will be sold out before the ink dries on the pages.
      Allow me to take this opportunity to say again that your blog/writing is simply awesome.

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