The Essence of Love

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Translated from the Islamic & Arabic Culture

The Essence of Love

By Ahmad Al-Shugairi

Translated by Maha Noor Elahi

Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud says: “People usually perceive religion as a group of Do’s and Don’ts, regulations of punishment, and boundaries of the forbidden and the permitted. Yet all of these are secular matters whereas the concept of genuine religion is profounder and broader. True religion is that old love which we were born with; it is our spiritual thirst and need for the fountain from which we emerged. Love is the principal part of the issue, and if it is absent, then all pious worshipping deeds will not create a committed Muslim.”

In a few words, Ibn Al-Arabi sums up the meaning of religion: “You will not arrive at a satisfactory state in religion unless you treat all creations with reverence and do not disdain any being as long as God has created it.”

There is a great difference between worshipping Allah out of fear or need and worshipping Him out of love. If you claim to love God, then this love has to be obvious in the way you walk, talk, and act. Otherwise, it will be a fake deceptive love!

I like to dedicate a wonderful prayer that will wishfully spread love among all of us. Believe me, this prayer works miracles, so be keen on saying it everyday.

Oh God, grant us your love and the love of everyone who loves you. Grant us the love of everything that makes us close to you. Oh God, make the graces that you have granted me strengthen me to worship you. Make the graces that you have deprived me of spare space in my heart for what you love. Oh God, make my love for you stronger than my love for cold water in a hot day. Make me love you more than I love my self. Oh God, make me love you and love your angels, prophets, and good worshippers. Oh God, revive my heart by your love, and make me as you wish. Make me love you with all my emotions, and please you with all the effort that I can put. Oh God, make all my endeavors devoted to loving you and doing whatever pleases you.

Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) says: “If you love a brother (in Islam), tell him that you love him.

So, today, let us contact our brothers and sisters in Islam, and tell them how much we love them, without being embarrassed or shy. Let us follow our example; Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).


  1. Mai says:

    As salaamu alaykum my sister.

    Although I have seen it before and used to say it years ago, the dua’ you posted is a blessed and beautiful reminder, masha’Allah. I’m reinstating it in my repertoire. May you have great rewards every time I repeat the dua’ and every time someone I share it with repeats it – ameen.

    Kindred spirits can see each others’ hearts…whether they are oceans apart or in the same room. The hearts speak to each other. I pray over and over again that Allah will make me love what He Loves and hate what He hates. Sight unseen, but with your heart in clear view, I love you.

  2. مها نور إلهي says:

    Thanks, Mai for your valubale addition.

    p.s….I tried to post a comment on your blog, but I couldn’t..why is that?

  3. Mai says:

    I don’t know! Other people seem to put their two cents on my things now and then. This is the link to the main page.
    Perhaps if you access the specific blog that way it will work? I’m confused myself because I cannot see anything different about that blog and any other I blurt out, LOL.

    • Mai says:

      Aha! I went in and it was set to accept comments from registered users. I changed it to anyone, so I believe you will be able to comment now, insha’Allah.
      Huge blessings for you insha’Allah – ameen!

  4. Y Q says:

    can I get this Du3a in Arabic please.

    ps. please clarify that the ruling of telling your Muslim brother you love them only applies to “MEN”. and Women for women..

    We had a bunch of women smiling to stranger men on another blog because it was a Sadaqah to smile…

  5. مها نور إلهي says:

    Y Q
    I will send you the Du3a soon Insha Allah.

    About smiling, I agree, but this doesn’t mean that women should frown when they see stranger men.


  6. lark says:

    There is so much cruelty towards women from religion, many religions, how can religion be seen as a guide for women towards the love of a creator?

    I think religiously justified cruelty towards women undermines the legitimacy of any religion that permits it.

  7. مها نور إلهي says:

    The cruelty is not from religion; it’s from men and people who practice religion in the wrong way…

    Cruelty to women is everywhere even in religion-free societies…and the models and pictures of naked women everywhere is a live proof of the salvery of women …

    Islam does not justify cruelty towards women; it’s the so-called religious men who use Quraan out of context to suit their desires and needs…

    It’s exactly like what many lawyers do…they use the law to free criminals and murderers…


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