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(An Apology to the Self)


Oh, self…

Forgive me…

I won’t accept any more

To overburden you

With my ambitious leading roles.

Ripped you are…

I know…

By the powerful image

I’ve laid on your slender shore…

Oh, self…

I apologize

For invading your vulnerability

By my enforced strength and ability…

I apologize

For not cherishing

Your innocence and sensitivity.

I admit it …

I am fragile.

I confess…

The wild woman in me

Has raped the tender female!

I was conquered

By making a name;

A self-image

For others to see,

But not for me.

Oh, self…

I am not ashamed

To go back

To the trembling silky veil

Of sweet weakness…

Rebelling against the shield

Of dominance; strained and fake!


“What’s in a name

Except seeking a grinding mirage?!”

Returning …willingly…

To the real whole being;

Image, self, and female…

Pure, true, and bare.

27/ 7 / 2006

  1. Salma says:

    This (the above words) is what I would have said to myself, if I had the words and poetic essence that you do. Mashaallah, very beautiful and reflective.

  2. مها نور إلهي says:

    Thank you so much, Salma for your kind and flattering words…
    and welcome to my blog…hope to see you again…

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