Saudi Woman Sneezes in Presence of Husband

Posted: October 1, 2009 in My Articles

Saudi Woman Sneezes in Presence of Husband!

The Saudi Bug daily newspaper reported yesterday that a Saudi woman sneezed in the presence of her husband; an act that caused a domestic problem and, in turn, created a controversial issue for the Saudi and international media.

The Saudi Bug’s reporter, Fodooli Ibn Malgoof  Al-Ghabi, said that the woman couldn’t stop herself from sneezing in front of her husband, but her mistake was ignited when she asked him to say to her “bless you”. Just then the husband couldn’t control his temper and shouted at her saying: “I’m a man and nobody can ask me to be committed to doing anything of  the sort!”

The story stirred international uproar and endless debate among humanitarians and Human Rights officials.


Such silly news is not the only one of its kind. Saudi and non Saudi newspapers are full of ludicrous stories about oppressed Saudi women who can’t chew a gum without the permission of their husbands, and who can’t surf the internet without being escorted by a male relative!

On the other side of the world, in Germany, for instance, a man bit his wife’s leg and hit her with a metal bar after a sharp argument between them. And I’m not saying this sarcastically! I read this on one of the known internet websites, but of course nobody gives a damn about news that don’t happen in Saudi Arabia!

In the United States of America, ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews, was secretly videotaped naked in her hotel room by an unknown person who posted her nude video on the internet. Not astonishingly, the video was viewed 300 million times, but again, nobody in the Arab world commented about such a sick and revolting behavior simply because it happened in America and its heroine wasn’t a Saudi woman.

Former Roman Catholic priest, Alberto Cutie, was caught on the beach with an attractive woman who turned out to be his lover for the last ten years. Later on, he defied the Church and married his mistress. No one in Saudi Arabia was interested in this story, and no one accused the priest of being a hypocrite or of betraying the Church just because he is not a Saud Sheikh or a mutawe. If Priest Cutie were  Shiekh Cutie, things would have turned like hell in Saudi Arabia and the international media would have found a juicy topic to fill its empty columns!

Thousands of ridiculous, tragic, and horrifying occurrences happen all over the world, but no one lays the blame on Christianity or Judaism. No one blames corruption or lack of morals in these societies; nevertheless, when it happens in Saudi Arabia, the blame is on Islam and its principles and on terrorism-oriented Saudi curricula. Vice is everywhere in the world, and so is virtue. The difference is that people see vice in Saudi Arabia but fail to see virtue in it; they find excuses for vice in any country except Saudi Arabia. The international media highlights and publicizes table etiquette practices in a small village in France, but expects and demands an ignorant, poor, illiterate Saudi teenager  to be a living symbol of honesty, courtesy, and virtue.

Why is it that when things happen in Saudi Arabia, they are always overrated, over generalized, and exaggerated?


  1. Y Q says:

    A better and fair blog, I am moving to this one from AmericanBedu.

    The media is sad and has nothing better to do and you see the righteous Muslims, those who are actual Muslims do NOT bother to come to the media and show their good deeds cuz for one this is forbidden in Islam. And if you look at things from their point of view which absolutely makes sense:
    The reasoning behind the collapse of the Ummah is because of the Muslims of today. Once we improve ourselves then no one can do anything to us. Cuz then we will have Allah’s help and there is nothing close to that.

    But our belief on our religion is so poor, we want the next American president to make things better for Muslims and we had like 99.99% of the Muslim population hoping Obama would come and flick and change the world like in Disney cartoons. So I think that as long as we rely on these NonMuslim world leaders to change the world for us, we aint going no where. It is all about our religion religion religion.

    PS. I feel much better posting here than AmericanBedu where all I would have to do is oppose. I have read only one article until now though, hope it is the same lol.

  2. Chiara says:

    An excellent post! Sadly the media everywhere publish the negative, with the ridiculous juxtaposed to the serious. Unfortunately the reporting about Saudi seems particularly biased, and since it falls on a bed of ignorance, in the sense of people knowing little of Saudi, and few having traveled there, it has a greater impact.

    I do think that some Saudi activists also play on this ignorance and the Western media’s penchant for stories about driving, hijab, rape, corporal punishment etc.

    Katie Couric did a particularly uninformed and unintelligent report from Saudi (on 2 different occasions) which is appalling from a journalist in her position.

    YQ -I for one am glad you will be commenting here!

  3. مها نور إلهي says:

    Y Q
    I am very glad that you like my posts and find my vision fair…
    I can’t agree more with you on the root of the problem…our poor belief and practice of our religion

    I hope you read the other articles and the recently posted page (the Biography of a Saudi Fraud)…I’d love to hear your opinion about it…

    Thanks for encouraging me…

  4. Y Q says:

    I am sorry I dont comment regularly but I do read and follow through. I do not know about your views but to give you a slight idea about mine, I say if Islam says NO then there’s nothing to argue about.

    Most of these “Saudi” blogs are controlled by “American” women who married a Saudi and came into this culture and did not like anything about it. And I guess they all have their own blogs where they share similar thoughts and negative views about Saudi Arabia. It is either a GENERAL information about how things are done in Saudi, OR criticism. Nothing is GOOD.

    I must say my jaws dropped to the floor when I read or understood some of these members there. Who claim that Hadith shouldn’t be considered since it is IMPOSSIBLE to know what SOMEONE said 1400 years ago. Therefore since the Qur’an says to cover from CHEST to KNEES, then that is it. They disagree with every religious scholar alive today. And the MOST important part of Islam to them is “modernization”, kicking almost everything else about it.

    I love my religion, I may not follow it as it is but I respect everything about it and I pray I do follow what I do not currently. I super duper respect the scholars. And that our Prophet SAW has left us with many examples that we can follow rather than using our own brain in terms of interpreting the Qur’an and following Islam OUR own way.

    Oh and I am from Pakistan and I am in contact with Pakistani scholars.

  5. only1path says:

    YQ, well said! man, I wish more muslims would think like you do, well in this respect…”It is all about our religion religion religion”.

    The problems, humiliation, death and destruction we see amongst Muslims today aren’t due to what Obama or a non-muslim can do for us.

    “Evil has appeared upon the land and the sea, because of what the hands of men have earned. That Allaah may make them taste a part of that which they have done, in order that they may return to Allaah in repentance.” Soorat ar-Room (30:41)
    Allaah (subhaanahu wa ta’aala) said as we have seen that “Verily! Allaah will not change the condition of a people until they return to their religion…”

  6. Arininelede says:

    Stunning, I did not know about this topic up to the present. Thankz!

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