Ten Things I Love About Work!

Posted: September 29, 2009 in My Articles

As a confirmed workaholic, I find myself obliged to talk about the things that make me sanely and insanely in love with my job. I believe that most qualified good employees (like myself) 🙂 would love their jobs for the same reasons as well.

1. I love having hot business discussions and disagreements without my colleagues becoming my enemies overnight. I just love it when professional matters do not turn into personal issues because of difference of opinion.

2. I love being greeted every morning by cheerful superiors and co-workers who happen to be extremely professional and qualified.

3. I love it when positive energy spreads among people whom I work with and reflects on me both as an employee and a human being.

4. I love to see my colleagues honest and candid with each other; no back-stabbing involved in their relationships!

5. I love it when I see my co-workers loved and appreciated for being successful and confident.

6. I love to see my superiors and colleagues empowering each other; no one underestimates the others or belittles them!

7. I love to witness distinguished employees coping with other distinguished employees in spite of their differences! Now that’s a healthy working environment that makes one’s personality thrive!

8. I love it when business meetings and decisions are documented, so that nothing is to be forgotten or argued about.

9. I love it when I see employees or bosses acknowledging the creative work of others and giving them credit for it!

10. I love it when I witness an employee loving her co-workers just because they love their work and their colleagues!

It really makes me glad to notice that some leaders of workplaces do not ignore these significant acts and attitudes that greatly and positively affect both professionalism and productivity. It definitely delights me to see the win-win relationship prevailing in the working environment instead of the win-lose and lose-win relationships. I think by now everyone knows what I love about work and what I hate about it. You might disagree with what I have said, but I will accept and respect your opinions. It is just a professional revelation; nothing personal. 🙂

  1. الشيخة says:

    جميل ما كتبته .. أحب العمل رغم أنه لا يتمتع بكل ما ذكرت
    لكنني أسعى ليكون بيئة عمل ممتازة و رائعة


    من أكثر ما يفرحني بالعمل ، هو أنه سبب من أسباب جمع الأجور
    فعلمي أن الأجر على قدر المشقة يبعث في نفسي القوة لمتابعة العمل بروح عالية متخطية كل العقبات والاحباطات

    .. أفتخر بأني معلمة و مربية أجيال

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